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Origen (pronounced oh-ree-hen, meaning “origin” in Spanish) was inspired by Chef & Owner Rosa Martinez’s childhood in a small town in Oaxaca. As a young girl, Rosa would cook and sell tamales in the town square with her mother. The experience left her with a love for cooking her mother’s recipes.

Since moving to the United States, Rosa has been on a nearly 30-year mission to share Oaxacan food and culture through her hearty moles, tamales, enchiladas, and more. In 2016, she decided to launch Origen and showcase Oaxacan flavors through events, catering, and a restaurant she plans to open in the Bay Area.

Origen was born out of Rosa's belief that Oaxacan cuisine in the Bay Area is underrepresented, and her appreciation for tradition, family, and quality gives her cooking that special sazón.

Our Mission

Origen wants to redefine Mexican cuisine in the Bay Area by opening a window to Oaxacan culture through hand-crafted, authentic food made with locally-sourced ingredients.

At Origen, we don’t just make good food—we create experiences with recipes and traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation and from our family to yours.

Our Vision

Everyone has a seat at our table, and people from all over the world can experience and appreciate the unique flavors and traditions of Oaxaca.


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